Oct 10, 2008

decorative art mirrors

an excellent canvas for pimping. these ikea malma mirrors are chic, inexpensive and they make great gifts. also comes in black base.





i am not ashamed to say that i'm an ikea fan :) simply becos their things are so versatile. but mainly becos i live just 5 minutes away from a huge ikea outlet :))) so whenever i need things to give away as gifts... ikea it is.

these are some ikea mirrors i pimped, and gave away as christmas gifts.

happy pimping! :)


  1. Hi There Luthien, I ccame over to visit.( Where is my coffee???) I love your blog. I am going to think of some ideas also. Can we share here, or how does this work. Hey, I am an artist and not a computer geek. lol
    Have a great week-end.


    I am working alos on a blog, but messed it up yesterday. Hopefully a young friend of mine can fix it tonight.

  2. hi Luthien,

    Love your blog!!! Well done :-). I was wondering how you painted all those frames, worktop..etc when I saw your pictures at your other 'blog', now i know. When I fix my new house later, will sure try out one or two of your ideas.


  3. These are absolutely beautiful! I would be proud to have one of these in my home. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  4. thanks carolyn :) hehehe... perhaps one day we can do a giveaway session ;)


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Luthien :)