Oct 28, 2008

my attempt at a video blog ..... er...

the story goes like this. i've been wanting to get a handycam for 2 years now and yesterday, i finally bought one! Yeah!!!!! .... at half price! double yeah!!!!!! it was the last unit in the shop and it was a display unit... that's why it's half price :) but the dealer told us that we still get our 1 year warranty, so that's alright.

presenting the sony HDR-SR7E :)))))

so last night i decided to do a video blog (or vlog) to address one of request made on my recycle glass container post. my hubby was the camera man :) (that's what hubbies are for :))))) ) did the 'professional' thing and put some make up on :), organized the work space a little, got all the materials ready, got all my 'script' in my head and... began shooting at 1 am (when everyone else was asleep :) )

after each recording, we played the video back and took a look at it... arghhhh!!!! big time embarrasment!!!!! ah well... i had fun and a lot of laughs with the cameraman :D

finished recording at about 6 am this morning and went straight to bed... the crazy things i do sometimes :p

this morning ... well late morning, we found out that there were not very many editing software on the net which was compatible with sony :( but managed to trick windows movie maker into 'accepting' the clips. so... the fruits of my labour is on the cutting board now... if it turns out alright after being 'cosmetically' treated, you will see it here... if not... be-byeeee!

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