Oct 25, 2008

left over fabric improvized into "blinds?" another simple pimp :)

one of the factors that made us decide to buy this condo was the lovely view of the sunset. every evening we still enjoy the sight of the magnificent orange colored sphere disappearing into the horizon. but sometimes on a really hot day, the same sun that gives us so much pleasure can be a really painful experience... especially on the eyes.

the problem : the angle of our balcony sliding door gives us the perfect view of the sunset. our tv is placed perfectly facing the balcony sliding door, therefore our tv screen gets a perfect reflection of the sunset in this perfect alignment! and that... can be annoying. so we decided to put some sort of curtain across the balcony sliding door. but we didn't want to cover it up totally because that would be a shame... we do get a lot of pleasure from looking at our plants in the balcony :) anyway the sun is only a bother when it's sitting at the top half of the sliding door, beyond that it would be blocked by the balcony's wall anyway.

now, i didn't want conventional blinds that's for sure... curtains? well... sheers? maybe... but whatever it is, it's gotta be just halfway down, it's gotta allow light in and allow us to see our plants :) so we did some shopping but nothing really fantastic came to our attention.

we endured the sun for a bit more and nearly decided on sheers, until one day i found bits and pieces of unused fabric in my store. i bought them for costume making a year ago and there were quite a bit of leftovers. then i came up with an idea... to combine a piece of plain black sheer (it was with the leftovers) with the other fabric leftovers. this is what i came up with :)

it's such a simple pimp but adds so much dramatic value to the room :) just choose the correct fabric and color combination and put a bit of braiding work in.

tip : first, i cut my leftovers in strips wide enough to give some 'plumpness' when you roll them up. of course how wide will depend on how thick the fabric actually is... thinner fabrics like satin will required a wider strip. test by rolling up one strip first and see if it's the 'plumpness' you want, then proceed to cut more strips :) and don't forget... to make one braid, you'll need 3 strips. don't bother about the length because when you run out of fabric on one strip, just grab another one and weave it into the braid :)

tip : i tied a knot at each end of the braid (no need for needle or thread!) and simply used curtain clips to clip them up together with the black sheer on the behind. i cut the sheer just about 2 or 3 inches wider than the sliding door width so that when i clip the braids on the sheer, i can actually space out my braids quite accurately. if you take away the sheer behind, the braids will be out of place and moving along the curtain rail... but of course if you pack the braids up very close together, they wouldn't have space to move :) but i had to work on a quota of leftovers... ah well, beggars are not choosers... :)

and there you have it! recycling leftover costuming fabric into a dramatic "blind?" "curtain?"... with a taste of bohemian :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh, this is SO cool! What a clever way to solve your dilemma! I'd love to try this in my home ... I'm pretty sure the cats would think I had created a playground for them if I did, but this is definitely an idea worth trying to incorporate somewhere!

  2. Hey Jen! thanks again!
    hahaha! oh yes! your 7 cats would simply looooove them :DDD i can imagine you coming home one day and they've completely recreated a new design for you!

  3. OMG - this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

    I've just been contemplating some way of using my bag of fabric craps to create curtain for my hallway.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    It's beautiful BTW!

  4. hello walk in the woods!
    glad you're back :))))) and thank you! cool! plsssss take pictures of your curtains when it's ready :) can't wait to see how it turns out :DDDDDD peace!

  5. Okay, now I am gobsmacked. Your ideas are truly brilliant! This is really really such a cool idea and looks fantastic!

  6. hey balego!
    thank you very much :DDDDD your comments always bring a smile to my face :) 'gobsmacked' i haven't heard this word for ages! reminds me of the days when i use to read a lot of enid blyton :) i must remember to use it now :)))))))))

  7. pinned this! i'm always looking for bohemian ideas for redecorating my home...thank you so much!


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