Oct 10, 2008

pimping tins and watering cans

galvanized items are making a comeback in a big way. thanks to a home deco genre called "shabby chic" (which a lot of us are still not familiar with, believe me)... all things old, worn and dated are now considered trendy and full of character. (my grandma would agree wholeheartedly ;) )

well... after pimping they give you quite a different feel :)

if you are a shabby chic enthusiast like me you cannot do without these at home! often i like them plain, old and battered. but sometimes a little whimsical indulgence won't hurt :)

tip: you can still paint these in waterbase acrylic, which i did... but first you have to scuff the surface of the tin with a medium grit sandpaper. this creates a coarser surface so that the paint can adhere better. then base the tin with a coat of sealer. i use jo sonja's 'all-purpose sealer'. for maximum adhesion, also mix the sealer to your base paint 1:1 and you can be assured the paint won't peel off the tin. :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. hello - can you tell me where to buy these watering cans? thanks!

  2. hi elizabeth :) thanks for visiting :)) i got all these from ikea. they have loads of galvanized stuff in their garden dept :)


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