Oct 15, 2008

DIY a simple cabinet

ikea shelves, untreated pine, come in all sorts of sizes. you can actually pick and choose from these various sizes, combine them and make something out of them. they are easy to work with since pinewood is soft and because they are untreated you can choose to stain, paint or simple varnish them.

my diy adventure began when i couldn't find a suitable cabinet to store my painting stuff. so i decided to do-it-myself.

first, i made a rough sketch of the dimensions i needed, taking into consideration the width, length and height of the things i wanted to store in this cabinet. in my case, my paint tubes, paint mediums, my brushes etc etc... i also thought 'future expansion' :)))

then i went around to see if there' was a cabinet similar to what i wanted (of course there were none, that's why it was diy using ikea shelves :))))) )

this huge thing is the cabinet i diy-ed from the shelves. it may not look very pretty but it serves my purpose. i used 4 large shelves (broder L79 cm x W36.5 cm) for the 2 front doors and the back panels. the pieces sandwiched inside are 6 smaller pieces (fabian L70 cm x W24 cm). you'll notice that the front doors and back panels are slightly higher than the cabinet proper. but that would be remedied later by cutting 2 pieces of wood to fit the gap. (or i could have just chopped them off... but i wanted to keep the length for valid reasons :))) )

the reason for keeping the length of the front doors becomes apparent here. i had the doors to the cabinet open downwards instead of outwards to the side. by having the cabinet doors open downwards, i can double the doors as extra workspace (see below). inside, in-between the cabinet shelves i cut smaller pieces of wood (also from ikea shelves) to make little dividers just to divide my paints. oh... by the way, if you are wondering about the hasp and staple, that is to keep the doors up and my naughty 3 year old out :)

this has been a real blessing for me because now i have a comfortable size work space to paint on. and i am just an arm's length from my paints :))) furthermore when my husband takes over the main computer on my lord-of-the-rings-inspired worktable, i can even use this space to blog on my laptop :)))))

i am quite happy that i decided to diy my paint cabinet and it was easier than i thought. i put this cabinet together in 1 day. because pinewood is so soft and light and so easy to work with, i could hold the panels together quite easily with only a couple of screws and nails.

i later stained it white and pimped the front panels up. i shall blog about that another time :)))))

tip : here are some drawings of how i put the ikea shelves together
6 pieces of 70cm x 24cm
4 pieces of 79cm x 36.5cm
1-2 pieces of shelves more for dividers and other miscellaneous

happy pimping! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, Luthien, this is beyond amazing! I just came across this post from the Ikea Hacker blog. I am in love with the cabinet! And I love LOTR too. :)

  2. I came too from the Ikea Haker blog and I just wanted to congratulate you for your meticulous work! I'm just going to explore your website :)

  3. Wow! You've done a great job. I want to make my own personalized cabinet too. This will be my guide.
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