Oct 30, 2008

craft ideas brewing in my head

since i became a blogger in blogspot, i've been visiting so many gorgeous and inspiring blogs that my mind feels like some sort of tsunami! ideas ideas ideas!... keep whirling in my head... which is great! :)))))

i have a new craft idea just about brewing in my head... i'll start on it tomorrow and if it works out, you'll see it here plus the instructions to create it. but first i have to make sure this thingy is 'createable' :p ... p/s inspired by jen of technicolor cottage :) thanks!

for now, i'll just post some more of my decorative art projects, since i've taken fresh pictures of them :) here are some pansies :)

some sort of tray that i found in the bathroom section of ikea :) for this one, i toyed with a bit of gold paint to give it the 'guilding effect'

this file holder is also from ikea. i painted the whole item in red first, then applied one layer of jo sonja's decor crackle medium. after that, i applied the light beige color as usual and waited for the crackle effect to appear. next, i applied a light sealer over the crackle surface; you can use either the all purpose sealer or the clear glaze medium as sealer. then i painted my pansies on. and finished off with 2 coats of satin varnish. (remember to thoroughly dry between layers)

tip : the sealer is applied prior to painting the pansies design to avoid crackling on the pansies. if you prefer to have your designs crackle, then you don't have to apply the sealer.

ikea again ( i just love ikea!) :) this pansy design is painted using the one-stroke technique. the most tedious part is not painting the pansies... it's painting the lace! the lace is a combination of comma strokes, dots and line work... and some solid measuring ability to get the proportions just right!

this last one i gave away as a house warming gift to a friend :)

now... back to the brewing :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oooooooh!!! I'm bouncing up and down here with excitement! Cannot WAIT to see what you've been inspired to create!

    I love, love, LOVE that pansy tray! Those colors ... ::sigh:: To DIE for!

  2. You are so talented!! I love your pansies ... what a lovely make-over.

    I also read through your "recycle" posts. Brilliant. I especially liked the make-over of jars. You turned them into works of art.

    Thank you for sharing your artwork!

    Small Footprints

  3. hey jen!
    hehehe... you'll just have to wait :)

  4. hi small footprints!
    thanks for coming over and those wonderful comments :) i visited your site... i love it! looks like i just became one of your followers :)

    come back soon :)


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